• Taylor Rail Australia offers a Project Management team that has experience across both rail and civil disciplines. Over 50 years’ experience in the industry enables us to build an intimate and reliable link between the client representative and construction team in the rail and civil industries. Taylor Rail Australia is well positioned to support small to medium size projects that are rail based and have a civil flavour.

    Taylor Rail Australia is able to offer the basic controls that a successful project requires from start to completion, including the following:

    • Resources – People, equipment, material
    • Time – Task durations, dependencies, critical path
    • Financial – Costs, contingencies, value for money
    • Scope – Project size, goals, and requirement

    Taylor Rail Australia is able to offer a holistic and comprehensive project management experience from the tender stage to the project close out. This includes all planning interface management, stakeholder management, cost management and construction management disciplines.

    Taylor Rail Australia is equipped to offer personalised services to any client ensuring that the person who starts the project will be there to close the project.